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Onward from here, we must become clear. There’s no time to lose: this one is our year. Green plastic gets stuck in single-use ruts. Clear plastic unlocks loops as sweet as donuts.

Transparency unlocks sustainability. Yes, we could use virgin material to forge a key. Or, we can pick the lock using creativity. Through music we might find our Moment of Clarity.

Trash to our rear and recycling’s the way. Like any good beat from your favorite DJ. How best to recycle? They showed us how. They drop the needle and past becomes now. Less using up. More getting down.

Our icons use sampling to make new from elapsed, Like Madlib making tracks for raps in ALLCAPS, Or Ronson bridging gaps across musical maps, Remixing genres from boom bap to trap, Causing fans to collapse, or scream out “that song slaps”. Both recycle sound to create famous beats, And through their techniques, renewability speaks.

We Step Into Tomorrow by recycling today, The sample kit’s loaded up, you just need to hit play, It’s time to cosplay as a famous DJ, Turning old into new in your own special way.

And so it comes down to the collective “we”. Who knew MC stood for “More Creativity”. We make bottles from bottles, and recycle sound to make songs. So that - like our favorite records - the world may spin on.

From bottles to beats, you don’t want to wait. Recycled Records: (Re)use. (Re)mix. (Re)create.

Mark Ronson

Recycled Records EP:Created fromRecycled Sounds

Recycled Records EP:Created fromRecycled Sounds

Recycled Records is a sonic exploration of recycled sound that illustrates the benefits of clear plastic through the universal language of music. More often than not, green plastic is recycled into single-use items; in switching Sprite, Fresca and Seagram’s, bottles from green to clear plastic The Coca-Cola Company is helping to create a closed loop “bottle-to-bottle” economy in which products can be recycled more than once in the creation of “new” bottles. In simple terms, any Sprite bottle can now become a bottle for Fanta, DASANI, etc. In this way, the benefits of clear plastic are similar to the now ubiquitous musical production technique of sound sampling in which old songs, sounds, and ambient noise are repeatedly flipped into new music.

The initiative begins with the world’s first album created from the recycled sounds of the plastic recycling process, created in partnership with iconic, genre-defining/defying producers Mark Ronson and Madlib, using real ambient sounds sourced from various points in the closed-loop recycling chain.

We then invite you to create your own original beats on this site using these same recycled sound samples. Welcome to an aural examination of repeated re-use, and a tune-based testament to the power of creativity today in building a better tomorrow.

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